Long time no post. HAHA. We are PCSing again. We’ve not enjoyed this base that is for sure. Yes there are some aspects that have been nice but for the most part we cannot get out of here fast enough. Since I was so bummed (pissed off actually) about so many things in this house and how things have transpired and the never-ending list of maintenance crap, I decided not to post all my negativity because really who wants to read that. Plus I ventured into other avenues of happiness like doing art and have a separate page where I am posting about that.

So what is going on? Well we (he) got approved for a special duty assignment to Montgomery, Alabama where we will be on a controlled tour for 4 years. This of course is fantastic in the sense that our daughter can go to the same high school for the 4 years we are there and have some stability for her. Not to mention no concern for a deployment while there. AND since this was something he really wanted to do to make him happy in his AF career, for me to be truly happy I had the condition that I would not live on base (since it is run by the same crappy company). Thus we have now acquired a house off base. Ahhh being able to not share a wall with someone and don’t have to deal with idiot landscapers who don’t know how not to run into a car (yes they caused damage to mine). And the added bonus of I can paint my walls and do whatever to my yard (without having to ask permission or have some stupid form filled out) that I want to and feel like a grown-up for the first time in 16+ years of military housing life. Since he is near the end of his 20 year career is is also nice to start experiencing life that isn’t all wrapped up in military everything. Having civilian neighbors and neighborhood is nice to experience while still involved in how I choose to on the military side.
Once I get there I will do my best to blog more since I will be in a happy place instead of this hell hole lol.

So our last day in this place is July 2nd if all goes well. Then we will drive for the day and be at our house in Alabama. If I have to sleep on the wood floor, so be it. At least it is MINE ALL MINE 😉