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A lot has happened since last posting. They got all our stuff packed up and loaded to the truck. Next few days was spent cleaning the house to clear inspection. Then we hit the road for three days of driving. First hotel was crap. The room was ok except for the leak at the wall that could have been from the AC unit or from rain getting in. Either way it made the room stink. Smelled like cat piss. We were too tired to bother to complain and be moved to a different room so we mentioned it in the morning and they removed the pet fees for the night as a way of “making it up to us”. The next place we stopped was REALLY AWESOME. Great room, we now ave a favorite hotel chain lol. Third stop was to the TLF at the new base. It doesn’t surprise me that our old base won excellence awards when I see this place. No separate room for the kids, one is on a roll out bed and the other is using the pull out couch bed. No washer and dryer in the room like the last one. They do have it around the corner in the building though so at least there is someplace to wash clothes. Kitchen is TINY!

We spent the weekend doing a bit of winding down and exploring of the base. There is a huge area here for hunting, fishing and exploration. It is great. We’ve seen deer, owls, gators, and assortment of other birds. AND SQUIRRELS!!! I love me some squirrels!! (not to eat, but to look at and feed)

Monday morning our household goods arrived. (door to door is awesome by the way) spent all day checking off stupid inventory numbers. 19 sheets of two different color stickers gets old fast. I did not mark off two boxes so I am on the look-out for those as we go along. Yesterday J and I knocked out unpacking the kitchen and getting the washer and dryer hooked up. We also did a portion of the living room. Today I am headed over to sort out some of the bedrooms so we can sleep over there by Saturday night since that will be the last day of our stay in TLF.

On to the mountain of boxes and paper that consists of my new house lol.

Have a great day!
Lady Blue