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Past couple weeks have been filled with farewell events, more sorting and purging, selling of stuff, and cleaning. OH the dreaded cleeaannniiinnnnng. YUCK.

First off I got rid of a pretty big piece of furniture I was concerned about. Weight on that bad boy was over 400 lbs. I was pretty giddy over getting that our of the house lol. It was a loft bed my son has been using for several years and really did not need anymore. I sold it on craigslist and got what I was asking for it. It went to a family with four little girls. I hope they get lots of use out of it.

Sorting and purging I filled up my car including back seats and dropped a load off to the Goodwill donation trailer. We then filled up my car again and dropped another load off to Airman’s Attic. I also posted pictures on the base yard-sale page for items people could come get for free (and several things for sale too.) That stuff cleared out pretty good lol. Have one more load of donation items I think and we can call it all done on that part. I also cleaned all the fans and glass on the lights around the house. Cleaned up the back patio and my garden cart. Got rid of several outdoor pots and a couple plants I was not taking with me. Today I tackled laundry for the last time in this house and also washed the living room curtains. I will do the bedroom ones tomorrow. I’ve started on removing things from the walls in several rooms.

Tomorrow is my last full day of being able to do anything before the packers arrive on Tuesday. Couple days of that mess then off to TLF we go, pets and children in hand.

What’s really sad is our fridge and food supplies. It looks like the fridge before payday of someone who needs to penny-pinch. Today for dinner we cracked open cans of soup. Tasted good but was pretty boring compared to our “normal dinners”.

Well off to bed. Long day tomorrow. I’ll write more about farewell events on another posting.

Sleep well
Lady Blue