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What a scorcher it is here the past couple of days. 113 degrees! I sure wont miss that lol. From baking desert sun to humidity, should be tons of fun right? I did manage to go to the gym once this week and walk. Seems my foot may finally be getting over being damaged. I sure hope so.

Well the family and I hit up the cave and the mine this week and enjoyed ourselves. The mine was especially nice yesterday since the temp inside was about 40ish degrees. Here are a few pictures from the mine.

This board was on the surface, not sure what it was used for, perhaps workplace accident notifications by shift? It looked pretty cool though with the light bulbs.

This is where all the safety gear for the visitors is stored. Each person received a helmet, coat, belt and light in addition to a metal tag pinned to each of us. I like the way the coats and helmets are all lined up nice and orderly.

1500 feet into the mountain and about 950 feet of rocks and dirt over our heads we came to an area where the tour guide talked about a lot of the machinery used in there. On the wall we see where a man named Joe wrote his name and the date of 1925 using perhaps the flame of his candle.

This shows the code system for informing the man running the cage (elevator) who needs to move to what level and how many people need moving. The tour guide said it was the miners responsibility to memorize all of those codes.

This coming week I will be going to a movie with a friend and possibly some lunch too. I think we are going to see Iron Man 3 or maybe Star Trek. Other than that we don’t have anything on the calendar yet to do as a family. We might go try to do some geocaching if it isn’t too hot. If it is, then we might just hang in the house and sort stuff. I only have one appointment for the week, big shock there haha. It is also a short week for many since it is going to be the 4th of July four-day weekend.

Hope everyone has a wonderful celebration with friends and family and remember to be safe if you are going to be drinking or using fireworks.

Lady Blue