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I have this magnetic calendar on the fridge I use to keep track of everything everyone has going on. It also allows J to glance at it to see when I have scheduled things. It’s a perpetual calendar in the sense that it is dry erase and I write in the dates however I choose. I have had it for many years. What I normally do is when the current date gets near the bottom I erase the top three/four weeks and shift the last weeks up. Then I add on more dates following where it left off. Today when I did my calendar shift, the packing dates showed up on the last line. This will be the last time I update the calendar while it hangs on the fridge in this house. The next set of dates will be the ones I add to it in our new home after we PCS. That being said, I will have a few more days after the calendar runs out that I am still here doing cleaning, visiting, etc. Kind of puts a perspective on things. That puts us at 37 days left in this state. We get in the car and start our drive across country on the 38th day.

On another note, J and I hit the garage and went through his three gorilla totes and one other container to and thin out his military gear he is keeping. We sorted things into four categories: keep, trash, send to Airman’s Attic, and take to homeless shelter or something similar. We were able to sort through enough stuff to get it all into one gorilla tote. We are keeping one of the others to fill with other Pro gear items, and the third one we will be getting rid of since it got the latches messed up during its shipment home one deployment. Other than the garage sale items in the garage and one other box, it is done. Have a couple closets in the house I need to go through and the living room table baskets to sort. Things are coming along.

We are hitting up a living cavern this week. Living means it still has water going through it forming more shapes in the rocks etc. We also have a copper mine tour we are taking. Perhaps we will pick up a few more Geocaches next week. We did three over the weekend.

Have a great week!
Lady Blue