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So since my last posting we went to the housing pre-move briefing and found some helpful things as far as cleaning and damaged items. Since our home is the last one set to be remodeled, several things in the home are going to be removed so it doesn’t matter if there is slight damage to it. We stopped by self help and picked up some touch up paint to cover decoration in kids room and couple areas of missing paint. Also picked up some blind slats to replace the junky ones in the window.

Saturday we did manual labor helping out a Boy Scout with his Eagle Project of putting up some special fence at a horse riding and animal rehabilitation center. That was hard work. Sunday was a lazy day since it was Father’s Day. Dropped the kids off to the pool for a couple hours and booked the pool party in July we are having for scouts. Made some super delicious pork roast for J for dinner. My Mom showed me while she was here a way to steam baby red potatoes. I have no idea why I never tried it before but they turn out so awesome. I think she must have picked up this new way to do them after I moved away lol.

Today we had our smooth move briefing done by the Airman and Family Readiness (AFRC) people. Got a couple questions we had in regards to finance answered but for the most part we already knew the rest and felt good that not much has changed since we had last done a PCS and we should be ok. Was good to listen to all the information and the people who came in from each section did a good job. Was a little weird only having three spouses there. More civilian spouses should attend these kinds of things. Highly recommend you go to one of these if you are doing your first PCS. Called the company doing our move and found out that the dates I picked are scheduled as planned and we should be able to have our stuff delivered a couple days after we arrive. Awesome to get our things quickly so we can get settled in. We took care of all the nessisary things so that I could go get my vehicle tags renewed and then I went over to the facility and got them. Hate waiting there for over an hour. I swear I almost fell asleep. Rounded off my busy day with an appointment for myself in the afternoon and then home for spaghetti dinner.

Tomorrow I go to my two + hour appointment to get my braces off and then Wednesday I get to go pick up my retainer. Sure going to be weird lol. Couple more appointments and gatherings the rest of the week, along with taking the dog in for a teeth cleaning. This has been the busiest week so far. Next week is rather quiet and we are trying to plan a couple of family outings to places we just haven’t bothered to visit yet while here but have always wanted to.

Have not heard anything more from either of the key spouse mentors. Not holding my breath on it.

Have a wonderful week!
Lady Blue