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So on Tuesday I called the lady back and was told during our conversation that my messages through her husband and to the other lady “were abrasive” What the heck does that even mean? I mean I may have sounded a little annoyed over having to take the time to hunt them down and send them an email asking about information so I could be included but not hearing back from them at all. I thought the roll of a key spouse was to get in touch with incoming families and let them know stuff so they feel welcome to the area. So I apologized even though I probably didn’t need to. Makes me wonder if they are under the impression that their husbands position there entitles them to some ass kissing or something. Other thing she did that bothered me was talk over me here and there. Really… can’t let me finish my sentence first before interjecting your information over mine. I made sure to continue on with what I had to say after she stopped so she would learn that when I am talking I will say what I need to say no matter what you have to say. Don’t treat me like some little kid or new to the military lifestyle spouse whose comments aren’t as important. Other than that she was pleasant to talk to. LOL She also said that when they saw my email addy they weren’t sure if I was a “real person” because I don’t use my name in my address. Well I was always taught you don’t put everything about you out there on the internet for people to collect on you, so ya your damn right I don’t have my name as my email. Pffffffff silly lady. I guess the concept of writing a short note back to ask a couple questions to check who I was affiliated with was a little far-fetched. I also received an email from the other woman and hers reaffirmed the feeling that there really isn’t much of a spouses group concept. Guess I’ll be going to the enlisted spouses group activities for things to do and meeting people.

Marked off the checklist this week was turning notice to vacate papers in to housing and setting up the meeting they like to have before move out. Have that to go to tomorrow. On Monday we have another meeting/briefing thing to go to for some other entity. Hell next week is all sorts of appointments for me. Should go by quickly.

Have a great weekend and remember not to be like sand-paper šŸ˜‰

Lady Blue