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So remember on the 5th I mentioned I was sending out an email to the two ladies I was told are the Key Spouses? Well I hadn’t heard anything after three days so I called both of the numbers. The first person’s number I got a voice-mail message so I left one saying I was checking to see if my email had been received and blah blah. Second person her husband answered (said she wasn’t home right then) so I told him my reason for calling and he said she had seen my email and he would let her know I had called. Couple hours later when I was sitting down for dinner, she called back. I didn’t answer the phone because I felt it would be rude of me to talk to her while shoving my dinner in my mouth lol. She apologized for not responding sooner, her computer threw up on itself and had to have a new hard drive (been there done that). She didn’t really answer any of the questions I had about if there was a spouses group, just said she was there to answer anything I needed. Well how about you just reply to my email? I haven’t called her back, still kinda hoping she bothers to answer my email questions. The other lady hasn’t replied to my email or my phone call. *sigh* Hope this isn’t some sign of things to come.

My desktop computer decided to have an issue now. This is the second time my daughter has been playing some kind of game on it only to have the computer start acting weird so I have banned her from using it ever again. Sick of the computer going down for her wanting to play some dumb click click internet crap on it. I haven’t even attempted to fix it yet. Not sure I want to even try and may just take it to the computer shop I have used for my laptop.

I managed to go walking three or four days in a row and then have been a bum for two days. I had therapy at the chiropractor today though so my shoulders are sore, but I did do a bit of exercise while there.

Neighbors seem to have discovered how to turn their stereo/TV up really loud. J has had to go over there twice to tell them it’s a bit too loud. Of course they don’t seem to learn anything and had it up a bit loud today (not nearly as bad as the first day though). I am definitely eager to not live next to them anymore. I sure hope the new neighbors at the next place are nice.

Have a great week
Lady Blue