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We had our packer walk-through today. This is where they go through your house to get an idea of any special boxes they need, special packing instructions and get a general idea of how many boxes and how much packing materials to send with the crew on packing day. After we went through he said “you’ll be close” but he did NOT say he thought we would go over. I still have things to go through so hopefully this “close” wont be so close after all. Many of the large items we came here with are now gone or are being gotten rid of, such as a heavy wood loft bed from my son, an encyclopedia set and our picnic table set. We have a smaller entertainment center and even though we have larger TV’s they weigh less than the ones we had before. I’m sure the guy knows his stuff but he didn’t see what we had when we got here either. We shall see.

Today I also allowed myself to be drug out to the gym. I had mentioned yesterday to J about going because I feel like some blob. When he called me from work to see if I still was going I didn’t really want to anymore but I decided I would follow through with it and go. We walked for two miles and then went out and had salad bar lunch. Now later in the day and close to evening, my stupid foot is bothering me. *sigh* I’m so over this BS of hurting for doing practically nothing. I didn’t even walk fast! Tomorrow I have therapy and the chiropractor so I hope I’m not too sore for any of that.

I also sent off an email to the two ladies I was told are the Key Spouses for the new job. Lets see if I get a response and what exactly the unit offers for things for spouses.

Have a great week

Lady Blue