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I feel like I accomplished a lot this week, some of it thanks to my Mom. We tackled both kids rooms and completed them! All junk, trash and outgrown things have been removed. Son’s stuff has been sorted into Rubbermaid totes for storage while he is off in college. Mom left yesterday to go back home. Her five week visit seems to have flown by. We had a wonderful time with her and this will be the last time she will see this base. Hoping to have her out to visit the new house during Christmas time. She made me promise not to put everything up so she can help me decorate my house. I don’t mean Christmas items, just pictures and regular deco lol.

Having completed the kids rooms, I moved on to the laundry-room/craft area. I stuffed each of my fabric totes as full as possible with whatever sewing things were laying around. Trying to get them as full as possible so there is no wasted space. I made a bean bag dog bed for one of my dogs from my daughter’s old beanbag chair that had a hole in it. After that I packed away my sewing machine into its carrier. Next I continued going around the craft area and packed away items into some of the photo boxes I use to organize my craft supplies. Packed those up as full as possible too. Then I swept and mopped the kids rooms and all of downstairs. Last night I was able to drop some items off to scouts and clear them out of my way too.

On our PSC checklist of things I have marked off reservations for both TLFs. (here and there & pet friendly rooms too). We also got the TMO stuff completed and secured the days we wanted for a pack-out. Strange thing was it decided they need Three days to pack us out due to the weight allowed. Hell they took two days to pack us the last two times and I know I haven’t acquired a ton of stuff since then. Oh well, I bet the spend a lot of time sitting around twiddling thumbs on that third day. Better to have one to many days than one too few and screwing up our schedule of drive time. Plus it will give us a bit more time to clean.

System they are using now is pretty stupid. Spend all your time doing your own self council then have to make an appointment at TMO for what? Apparently JUST to have him sign a few things. They made it sound like it was going to be some sit down meeting to discuss stuff with us. Now we just wait for an email telling us who the company is that will be doing the work. We also have a smooth move briefing just to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything important since its been several years since we did a move. Today is the 60th day until we leave.

Another personal checklist item I was able to do was find out who the Key Spouse will be. I was told there are two different ladies being the Key Spouse. I have not made contact with them yet, but I hope when I do I find out there is some type of spouse group for the unit he is going to. I’m sure going to miss the few ladies I have come to know well over the last three years here. That is pretty much my only regret on moving, the leaving people part 😦

Tomorrow we will be doing manual labor helping out another scout in the troop with his Eagle Project, so no yard sale. After that and this whole week, I think I’ll need a hot bath and a nice drink 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful productive weekend.

Lady Blue