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Well the boy finished off his Eagle project and turned that in and he managed to pull a graduation out of his hat last week. We are all so proud of him. Daughter ended the school year by bringing up her grades and making it on the A/B honor role. Her reward for that was to get a Nabi kid tablet which she is enjoying a lot. It will be a great thing to keep her occupied in the car on the trip too.

Another good thing was with the help of my Mom we held a garage sale on the past two Saturdays. Did pretty good each day. Got rid of a few big items that will drop a bit of weight. I don’t think we are in danger of being over but any bit helps. After today’s sale we went up and tackled the daughters room for a few hours. Sorted and tidied up, found matches for things, got rid of broken or unused toys and all that. We felt like we accomplished quite a bit, still have a bit more to do. After dinner I sat on the floor sorting pens, pencils, markers, and crayon that I had my daughter collect into paper bags on a previous request. Chucked out all the cruddy markers and broken crayons. Even found several pencils that had not been used yet but were not her “style” anymore so they are going out to the sale tables. Everything that was a keeper fit into individual plastic boxes pretty nicely. As a reward for our hard work (lol) the family and I are heading off to see the new Star Trek movie tomorrow. Can’t wait, love my Star Trek šŸ™‚

Hope everyone had a productive weekend and Happy Memorial Day. Remember those who gave all for the rest of us.

Lady Blue