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We have paper orders in hand, wrong ones came first and now we have amended orders attached, so we are good to go to any briefings, out-processing and what-not. The orders still say we get six days to travel 1000 miles. Pretty sure that isn’t quite correct haha. Might be opportunity for a little sightseeing along the way and perhaps pick up a couple Geocaches too.

We’ve already given the information to housing and they have offered us a three bedroom historical home. It has an attic and a study but only a one car detached garage which will probably end up just being for bikes or something. They say the older homes have more space for yard than the newer ones but I cannot figure out which house on the Google imagery is the correct one. I’m going to ask the lady at housing which one it is.

Looking forward to exploring the new area we will be in, should be a nice new adventure.

Have a great weekend, I’m having a garage sale!

Lady Blue