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We don’t actually have orders but J’s Chief did receive an email saying he was being diverted to Barksdale. We do not know yet what his job will be nor who it will be with. So, now the process of information gathering can commence. I have spoken to housing and the lady sent me four different floor plans we qualify for and they are all four bedroom homes. WOOT! That means if we live on base I can still have the craft room office I was thinking was only possible by buying off base. It also sounded like there is a surplus of homes on base. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one because that will give us more choices. I did look at some homes off base and the BAH is higher there than here but in the price range for BAH they are all small or only three bedrooms Bleah! Housing for sale is way over what we were wanting to spend.

Apparently the school the base kids get sent to is crap. The do not have open enrollment like we do here so J is going to have to figure out that part himself. My friend…. Oh wait that’s the best part! I have a friend already there!!!! I have not met her in person yet but we have known each other over the internet for almost 10 years. So excited to get to finally meet her in person. So, anyway back to what she was saying, she told me she had heard of someone getting a waiver letter to allow their child to go to a different school off base than what they are actually supposed to. Maybe J can go that route too.

Louisiana looks pretty interesting and it will be nice to be around more green stuff than we have seen in the last six years. Hopefully more opportunity for photography and bird watching. I already checked geocaching maps to see if there are things to look for and there is, so I am definitely going to do more of that. I’d like to get a few more in here before we leave since it’s a major Meca for caches.

My weekend is starting on a positive note, hope yours is too!

Lady Blue