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This is really getting old, its a month past when we were supposed to get orders on the assignment we found out about back in February. Now it’s May and we don’t even know where we are going yet, let alone get the friggen orders. GAH!

On another note, still plodding through the house looking for things to get rid of. I guess I don’t really feel motivated enough to just go balls to the wall at it yet. My Mom is out for a visit and she has helped me get some things organized to do a garage sale. Whatever is left is going to goodwill or some such place.

My son is finishing up his senior year and that has been more stressful on J and I than waiting for orders. It’s very frustrating when your child doesn’t seem to get the point about what is important right now and to get to work (and get it done) rather than goof off. There will be plenty of time to goof off in life later, NOW is the time to work hard and finish up school on a high note.

Well hopefully we will hear something this week or next. Not holding my breath though. If I had done that I would have kicked off dead by now.

Hope everything in your lives are going well!

Lady Blue