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So that list came out and we looked at it and J called. Was told we aren’t part of that list and he was trying to send us one base but it might be another one too. BUT we still have to wait to find out for sure. Aggravating……. So sick of waiting for this shit.

Finished up my antibiotics and the abscess is gone, jaw got a bit stiff from either that or from stress but dealing with that now. Ball joint on foot feeling like crud for past few days, still waiting on different size inserts for my shoes so we can try that out (falling apart I tell you).

My Mom is out for a visit, enjoying our time together. She’s staying through to oldest child’s graduation. I took him to the Mall last night to find him some clothes for Prom, (he’s going by himself and meeting up with some friends) and also picked up a few extra ties that he can use for other occasions. He looked pretty sharp in what we picked out. *pats self on back*

Have a nice weekend

Lady Blue