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Several days of antibiotics and I was feeling much better. Still one more week of taking them before I am done. My jaw is giving me problems today and I’m not sure if its related to the abscess on that side or something else.

This weekend J, the girly and I went out exploring and doing some geocaching. We found eight on Saturday and four more on Sunday. One on each of those days was an unable to find on a different trip and were finally able to mark off as found.
When out exploring while Caching you run across some interesting things. This is a sign for an old Atlas 2 missile silo. Crazy stuff.


Lots of other opportunities for fun pictures come along. This is where we went under the busy road.


Even though we chose easier terrain for our caches my toe ball joint is mad at me for the activity I did over the weekend. I’ll deal with it.

Still waiting on that assignment. Apparently another “list” like the one from the beginning of the year, comes out on Wednesday. Our fingers are crossed that there are a few choices on it and not some crap.

Hope you have a great week
Lady Blue