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So remember me saying I wasn’t going to let my foot keep me from going to the gym? Well my body decided another way to keep me down. An abscess on my tonsil, yippee! (note extreme sarcasm there) My throat started feeling bad Sunday night, when I woke up in morning it felt even worse so I’m thinking strep but maybe something else because it wasn’t the same as when I have had strep. Called them that morning and I was amazed to get a same day appointment on a Monday and even with MY doctor. I didn’t want to utilize the walk in and have “just a strep test” because I knew it was something else; and, last time I had a strep test they told me it was negative only to call me 3 days later and inform me what I already knew which was I had strep. Went in feeling like doo, met my Dr., he had a looksie and said I have an abscess. Google it if you want to see. Pretty much there is a pocket that has opened up back there near my tonsil and it has some puss. Hurts and gives me a headache on top of that. He told me it doesn’t look too bad considering. Said I would feel worse before I felt better. Well yesterday after coming back home my fever jumped up to 102.3 and I felt even more like doo doo. J and the kids have been great about it. Today I fell better, no fever (well just a little 99) throat still feels same and head still hurts a bit but that’s manageable. Those fevers make you feel horrible. So two weeks of lovely horse pills (so fun to try to swallow) and I will hopefully be back to normal. If it gets worse I’ll be sent to an ENT for draining (Y U C K) and if it gets swollen where it makes breathing difficult then I am to go to the ER.

So on the assignment note, still nothing changed. Old assignment location is still in the system (which to me is so stupid since he can’t do that one anymore, why hasn’t it been removed??) He did speak to that guy yesterday and was told two places that may be a possibility. From what J was telling me it seemed like this guy talks out his rear on some parts because he said that the one J was volunteering for probably wouldn’t happen even though it was said prior that he would be a good fit for it. Ugh whatever, just tell us what crap place we are going that isn’t what we wanted in the first place so I can do my research!

Lady Blue