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So the assignments server is back up and running but it still shows the old assignment. J has emailed the guy to let him know he tried to volunteer for the job he saw in the listing but it wouldn’t let him since he is coded. Of course the guy has not replied yet and its been 5 days. Pretty unprofessional to reply quickly while it was offline and then when he really needs to reply, not to. I told J he should call him up and ask if he had received the email at all. Of course he decides to sit and wait and says he will do it Monday (a week after sending the email). It is so frustrating.

I went to the gym this week, I decided to hell with my stupid foot I need to get some exercise. I met with my friend and we rode the bike for 20 minutes then did a slow mile walk around the track. That evening I went to her Husbands ALS graduation and had to wear heels. My toe was pissed at me the next day. Stupid foot. I refuse to let it keep me from doing things anymore. Just going to be something I have to suffer with for the rest of my life. I doubt the inserts will help (still waiting on those to show up) but we shall see. Oh I forgot to mention, when I was getting measured for foot size so he could order the inserts he said I was a size six. I’ve been wearing size seven for at least 20 years and more recently even went to a seven and a half. What the hell??? When I was at a store yesterday I tried on a size six. No way in hell should I wear a six. I couldn’t even get it on without a struggle and my foot felt like it was suffocating and I hadn’t even laced it up!! Makes me wonder if he had the wrong country’s foot sizer or something haha.

Have a great Easter I’m off to wait some more,

Lady Blue