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Still waiting for that system to be up and running again. We hear it should be back online next week then they can start updating information in the system with stuff that was handed to them while it was off. After all that then we are supposed to hear of some options. J put in for an assignment he saw that looks promising. Have to wait and see on that too of course. The song Dori from Finding Nemo sang about just keep swimming keeps going through my head. My version says “just keep waiting waiting….etc”. lol

Other things that have cropped up are the military budget issue and Tuition Assistance. J was in the middle of classes for his degree and the TA being on hold puts his classes on hold. Also he will need to go to SRNCO class before he can sew on his rank and he cannot do that before moving because our oldest is graduating from high school and the next class offered overlaps move time. We aren’t too worried about him not putting on exactly when he is supposed to because he will get back paid for it anyway. I also read there were some issues with TMO for people during this move cycle year (also due to the budget) and I can’t wait for that! (extreme sarcasm)

I’m still plodding along with sorting stuff. It’s slow going with my foot being stupid still. I’m hoping the inserts the Dr has ordered hurry up and come in so I can try them out and see if they work. I’d really like to get back to going to the gym and also work on this crap without it hurting all the next day.

In a couple weeks my Mom will be coming out for a month visit. She wants to hit both kids birthdays (about a month apart) and also the oldest one’s graduation (few days after his birthday.) She hasn’t been able to visit for over a year so it will be really nice to see her. Plus she is a great helper/motivator in getting things squared away for moving time. J and her get along great so there is never any arguments about her being here.

J and the boy will be heading out on Sunday to a campus visit at the college the boy is interested in. I’m hoping they get some great weather for proper exploring and are able to get some great information. The boy really needs to get his head on straight and start thinking right about everything in his life. He’s a great kid and never in trouble but he doesn’t have any ambition to excel in his work. It’s frustrating to say the least.

Have a great weekend!

Lady Blue