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So the results came out this week and J made SMSgt. He was really shocked thinking he hadn’t scored enough on his test to even get it. But he got a great board score and I am very proud of him. Along with this puts our assignment in a questionable state since the job he was selected for isn’t for that rank. He has already sent out emails to question this and I really hope it goes through as planned to that base. I’ve been dreaming how to set up the house we have in mind.

We also went to the “mandatory party”. I’ve always felt this was a stupid party. The person who earned the rank pays money so everyone can come congratulate them and have free food and open bar, shouldn’t it be the other way around lol? However after being at the said party it was kinda cool. Still think $75 bucks is a bit much for what was offered which amounted to finger foods such as chicken wings, meatballs and fried cheese sticks. Must have been the chocolate covered strawberries making cost so high 😉 NO of course not it was the open bar! Neither myself or J had any alcohol so I hope someone enjoyed our share somewhere. A couple of people congratulated me and I brushed it off. What did I do exactly, I didn’t take the test or have accolades sent anywhere for some people to look over and score. I just supported my husband like any good wife would do so that he could do the best he could. Nothing to congratulate about not making him get up from studying to take out the trash haha. I got him a couple special gifts including a challenge coin with the stripes on it and on the reverse I had his line number engraved. He put that in his uniform pocket right away.

My blasted toe/foot still wasn’t feeling better so it was subjected to the cortisone shot. This came after three weeks of wearing the boot of shame trying to give the affected area a break. Which only resulted in other parts of my foot hurting along with the ball joint. So jabby jab he went in and it wasn’t as traumatic as the last shot I had in my foot for a different injury a few years back; and it certainly wasn’t as bad as getting a shot directly in the jaw joint lol. Today it feels better as far as that constant pain being there. Hopefully it stays like this (or better) and I don’t have to have another shot. I am bruised up from it and was told to ice and elevate it. Dr. orders get to be lazy haha. Will love to get back to being able to walk for exercise again, I already feel like a blob for putting 7 pounds back on. Sucks majorly.

Hope you have an excellent weekend!
Lady Blue