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Things like to come at you all at once. Well in two days it marks 1 year ago for my father’s death and that may be why I feel so frustrated lately. Maybe it’s just how annoying the AF can be with dragging their feet getting stuff done.

We have been looking into houses for the PCS and of course we can’t do anything until the AF gives the hard-copy orders. Even though there is almost a 100% chance there will be ZERO changes in those orders, loans and builders won’t budge.  J had his preliminary out-processing brief today and not only was the person 30 minutes late she also said some bizarre things like you can’t actually leave until the month of your RNLT date.. Sooooo, he’s done with his stuff at the end of July and doesn’t report til mid September, he’s supposed to burn leave sitting around here because he doesn’t actually have a job during that time? And how is one expected to drive for 6 days and then find house, move into it and be ready for work all in another week? Yeah right lady, go learn your damn job. She fessed up during the brief to say she had only done overseas PCS’s things before this so it really seemed like she knew nothing and was in essence talking out of her rear end. I suggested to J that he request to speak to someone else who actually knows their job.

I have yet to hear anything else from the spouses “group” for the squadron nor from the commanders wife. Makes me loose faith in them. The woman who said she was going to send me some information about the area also hasn’t followed through. *rolling of eyes*

Technology is being idiotic right now. My laptop seems to hate windows and I’ll probably have to send it in for another 2 weeks for repair or get a new one. so stupid.

AND I’m tired of my stupid foot, feeling like a blob since I cannot go to the gym and walk and just tired of it all. *sigh!*

Hope your day is going better than mine lol!

Lady Blue