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Pretty cold over the nation today. Here it is about 33 degrees, much warmer than a lot of places but very chilly for AZ. Makes me thankful that we are moving to another warm state that doesn’t usually get snow. Been pretty spoiled over the last 9 years not having to deal with snow haha. Cold days deserve a fireplace, unfortunately they don’t have those in base housing.

Which brings me back to my next topic of houses. A lot of the houses we have been looking at have a fireplace. How nice that would be to fire that up on chilly days like today. We have also looked at several homes that are new construction. One of them is very appealing to us so we are considering that in our house hunting choices. We have spoken to an agent in S Carolina who has been sending us several listings based off what we are interested in.  He even threw in several listings that are way out of our housing size range but gave us an idea how one company does their builds. Also spoke to USAA and got pre-qualified for a housing loan (in case we go that route)

ahhhhhh off to dream and browse,

Have a great day!

Lady Blue