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That is the question…..

Since housing at the base is in the process of being built and ripped out to make room for more building, there is that shortage. One of the people who J (husband’s new nickname since writing Hubby all the time looks dorky) works with is also heading out to the same base (sooner than us though) said their number on the housing list was somewhere around 125. YUCK. I know we could still get on base (our first choice) but there is the possibility it could be a long wait. Additionally we could be offered a home that we think is complete crap and/or falling apart. So that being said we have looked online to see what rentals are available around the base. Most of the places we would be willing to live in have rental costs above what the BAH is for the area. EW, to have to pay out-of-pocket just sucks. So we also looked at what those same kind of homes would be if we bought. HOLY COW the cost of home around there for the amount of space you get (bedrooms/bathrooms/size of lot) is AMAZING! Since it is in the South, we found an older historic looking home that has plantation inspired look to it. FIVE bedrooms Four bath 3500+ sq feet in the house (way too big for me I think lol) for UNDER 200k. House here in AZ like that would be pushing 500K + AND be on a puny lot. We really really like several we have found. Our only problem is with buying we don’t want to purchase something just to turn around and have to sell it in a few years due to being PCS’d somewhere else. Or not finding a good job locally after AF life.
Decisions decisions.

Along with the housing search, J put the feelers out online about VA loans. Well good grief now he keeps getting calls from two specific places (banking) that of course only call when he is at work. AND they call EVERY FREAKING DAY!! J needs to figure out what he is doing with these places and actually talk to them because I’m tired of the phone ringing. I told both companies today that they should wait until he calls them back and one I told them that I had said yesterday that he isn’t home until after 6 PM. (they called at 9am).
J has been contacted by his sponsor via email. He has even received a phone call. Pretty nice since on previous moves we either didn’t have a sponsor or the one we were given was TDY somewhere lol. I was contacted by an active duty spouse who is helping out the commanders wife with spouse stuff. Still have not been contacted by the commander’s wife… Hope that changes. I replied to the spouse that I hadn’t heard from CC wife yet and haven’t had a reply about that. I also found a contact with the Enlisted Spouses Club (ESC). I think she may be the president of the group. I asked on the wife page about girl scouts for girly and haven’t had a reply about her level. Guess I’ll have to track that down once I get there.

Awards thing on the weekend went well. They had an Oscar night theme going on and it was done really well. Had a red carpet to walk down “paparazzi” people snapping flashes off and a photo at the end of the carpet. Hopefully this year we will actually get a copy of the picture. J received an award and I’m very proud of him for it. People kept congratulating him and me for our hard work. I brushed it off and said “His hard work not mine I’m just supporting him.” He goes up to the next level against others in his category, so we should hear something about that in a week or so.

Enjoy your day!
Lady Blue