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Well not really full on research because I already know some of the area due to being there before. I have found a couple of Facebook wife pages to pose questions to. One of them had a file for the contact information on the Key Spouses. Seems pretty lacking. Due to the quick response to my add request and subsequent messages from said Admin providing me information I highly doubt the file is lacking due to laziness on her part. What I am seeing is perhaps a failure on the person being the key spouse to provide her information OR there just isn’t a key spouse at all, for several units. The page admin provided me an email for the person who she knew as the key spouse for the unit I was inquiring about. I emailed the lady and she replied fairly quickly to let me know they had PCS’d and said she would get in touch with her friend who is the commanders wife because she didn’t know if there was a new key spouse yet. So it’s nice to know I’m getting somewhere and not just ignored or road-blocked.

As far as housing, they also replied this morning to my email from Friday. Said pretty much what I expected and I think we may have to rent off base due to the “extra” housing being torn down. When we were there previously there was such a surplus we were given four sets of keys to four bedroom homes and told to “go pick which one you like best”. Obviously we won’t get that lucky this time. However it is possible to end up in one.

Yesterday I went to a geocaching public event where we picked up litter along a mile stretch of ditch (known here as a wash). I took my son with me and he knew one of the people from school. Was nice to meet some of the cacher names I see while I am out and about. Had a good time and felt good about picking up litter. Found a geocache in the area and was also given a collectible tracking coin. My first for geocaching. It’s the same type of coin the Air Force have as challenge coins.

Saturday we are going to an awards banquet so I get to dress up. I like to find outfits from Ross and TJ Maxx because they have great prices. Couple years ago I found a $225.00 Calvin Klein ball gown for $40!!! woohooo!! I wore that to the Air Force Ball last time we went. Last week I found two more mid calf length ones (same brand) marked down to $14. *giggle* I love a good bargain.

Have a great week!
Lady Blue