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Yesterday we found out we got an assignment. Off to South Carolina we go. It was our #1 on the list of the choices we were provided so we are happy about it. We were there before coming here so we already know the area and just need a “refresher course” on how to get to everything haha. Don’t have to be there until September so we still have plenty of time to sort and get ready.

I’ve been checking the online map for certain things and found there is now a Five Guys in the area. YUM my tummy will be happy. It will be a bit of a drive to go to Sam’s Club and Ross and a few other places but only about 45 minutes or so. I have yet to find a gun range that’s close. Additionally they have made some improvements to the base like building a new BX and Commissary and the addition of an Army unit being part of the base. Plus they have privatized the housing and are in the process of building all new housing. It’s really hard to see for sure what all has changed because the google and bing maps aren’t as up to date as I would hope.

We wont be eligible for new housing when we arrive because the current residents have top priority on new homes since the ones they are in are being torn down. All of the smaller housing has already been torn out so what is left is three and four bedrooms from what I can tell. Hopefully we can talk them into letting us have a four bedroom like we had before. It would be awesome to have an official craft room again. I would have to share it with the office but that’s not a big deal.

I will certainly miss the city feel here where you can just go on a whim to get something to eat rather than having to plan ahead like we did in SC. However the fact that there are lots of trees and green and I CAN PLANT STUFF AGAIN! I’ve definitely missed having a flowerbed.

The long drive back that way won’t be a joyous occasion. 1977 miles and 29 hours. Obviously you don’t do that all in one day haha. If it is still a 350 miles per day travel rule, that’s about six days of driving. We plan on taking a little longer and doing some sightseeing along the way. I also want to pick up a geocache in each state we pass through.

A lot of people hate it here in AZ, a lot of people hate it in SC where we are going but I’ve enjoyed both for different reasons. Of course every place has its good and bad but you have to make the best of everything and not dwell on the bad parts or you will be miserable anywhere you go.

Have a great weekend
Lady Blue