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Isn’t technology great? I think so. I’m sitting here at the car dealership waiting for my car to be done and using my Kindle to make a post. How great is that?
As for the car nothing major, just my heater knobs being possessed by some devil lol. I’ll reach over to turn the air current down or the temp down and it goes up instead. Very frustrating when trying to drive down the road without wrecking. Still have to address the noise that is in the back. Pretty sure it’s the ceiling mount for the seatbelt back there. We’ll save that for another day.

Still nothing yet on assignment, grrrr. Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting? Hopefully hear in the next couple weeks. I’ve been looking at what is available around each base choice; things like walmart, zoos, amusement parks, craft supply stores, Sam’s club. Allo looking a housing for the base. There is a facebook page that has a lot of pictures you can look at but not all bases have a great selection of pictures. They are sent in by people who have lived in the house and bothered to take them, and so several albums are lacking. I with the military would take the time to provide a comprehensive listing.

This morning I read a FB post that was put up late last night. The lady said someone tried to enter her house. Couple other ladies said they heard people messing with their doors too. Who the hell goes around on a military base to mess with peoples homes or doors. Damn well better not try my door or they might have a big surprise.

Have a great day!
Lady Blue