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We went to the range again on Sunday to do some more practice. I’m getting more confident with it. Weather today was much warmer so I wasn’t freezing in there like last week haha. There were several other ladies learning about shooting and safety. Good to see other people learning how to be safe with a firearm.

After the range we came back home and decided to run off for a couple of hours to go do some geocaching. We went looking for three different ones around the same area. First one proved to be a challenge and we weren’t able to find it. After returning home to look it up we found that it is supposed to be really close to where we were looking. So we will go back later and try to locate it. Might need a flashlight. We did find the other two pretty easily. Here is our 20th find, which happened to be on the 20th. Pretty cool.

Still haven’t heard anything about where we are moving. Just a waiting game now. Thankfully we KNOW we are moving so gives us time to sort and purge, which I have been working on here and there. Every little bit counts.

Enjoy your week
Lady Blue