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So we got the list yesterday and I was less than impressed. I was thinking we would be able to look at a selection of at least a dozen things. Not so much, there were six jobs located at 5 bases (one base had two jobs) and one base off the table because it is here where we already are and we were told mandatory mover. Of the four bases left one is off the table because we don’t want to go there, Langley. Three left, one is a base we were already at. As of right now the top pick is where we have already been. SIGH so much for seeing something new. Not sure what order we will put the other ones we actually could tolerate ending up at. We are still keeping the BOP (base of preference) list up. Another funny thing, they don’t even say who the job is with or what the job would be. How is that helpful in determining what to pick?

Lady Blue