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Saturday we were finally able to purchase the guns we wanted. Sunday we went to the range to do some practice/lessons. I haven’t shot anything other than a BB gun lol.  My father left my sister and I several rifles when he passed away but I’ve never taken them out to shoot. The gun we purchased for me was a 22. This is a great entry level rifle that I can learn everything on without it being “too big a gun” for me. Husband had his pistol and we took turns shooting and trying the get the sights sorted out on mine. That was frustrating. We later learned that the sight wasn’t on the rail quite right so it was throwing everything off. Next trip out will be more adjusting until we get it centered. Even with it not being in the right place, I WAS hitting the target and apparently I have really nice grouping. Pretty good for only ever having shot a BB gun lol. It was a really fun way to share in an activity that both of us enjoy. It’s great when couples have activities they can do together and also ones they can do apart. Togetherness is wonderful but each person shouldn’t feel obligated to having to like EVERYTHING their spouse does too. That gets a bit boring after awhile. We also took the dogs for a walk, trying to keep that goal going as well.

Another activity we enjoy doing together is Geocaching. If you have never heard of it before the simple description is it is like treasure hunting. Only real piece of equiptment you need is an application on a smart phone or a GPS device. You look up a coordinate for a cache then go look for it using your device. “X” marks the spot ;). Some cache containers are the size of an old ammo can (a popular container for hiding)
and some are as small as a bolt.
tiny cache
In the bigger containers there are usually little trinkets you can swap out. I like to leave an Americana style charm when I swap items. Every cache we have found, big or small, has a log to sign showing you found it. You can then go to the geocaching web site and log your find there. I did a lot of research before buying the GPS unit we have because I wanted it to be easy to use yet also enough features and accuracy to make geocaching fun and not annoying. It is middle range as far as pricing and a great unit.  As of now we have found 18 caches. There has been a couple we tried to find but were not successful. Either due to bounce back on the signal making it difficult or just being plain blind lol.  We haven’t been since October due to work/sick/weather. I already looked at the geocaching map for the different areas we are hoping to move to and lots of opportunities at each location.  Strangely not nearly as many as around here. I think this part of AZ is just a hotbed for caching activity. The site we go to to find places to track down is www.geochaching.com. I will use this site to load up caches we can stop at along our travels to the next base too thus make the trip a bit more fun.

Wednesday is the day for looking at the assignments list. 2 more days!!

Have an excellent Monday

Lady Blue