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So yesterday I went to the gym and I got my 2 miles in. I ran into my friend at the beginning of mile two and we were able to have a nice chat until we were finished. I took some pictures of things I sorted to get rid of and threw them on the yard sale page. I sold off a few scrapbook/cardmaking items today. I also decided I am not going to waste time posting clothing. There are so many items already on that page and it seems like nobody really wants to deal with trying things on. I’m just going to post jeans and maybe shoes and the rest is going to go to donation somewhere. I will still post decorative items, toys, books etc. Little by little I am getting rid of stuff.

Daughter returned to school today which was a bit strange since my son was still off for Christmas break. Their schools run off different schedules. They are pretty similar just have a couple days here and there that don’t match up. Even so, the house was really quiet.

I posted on my crafting blog as well as this one two days in a row. It’s a record!

Another day down, 5 more until we can look at that list. I can’t help but get anxious. I want to know what kind of choices we have.

I feel like I am off to a good start this year, hope everyone feels the same.

Lady Blue