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A New year brings many things for everyone. New opportunities, new events, new resolutions and goals for yourself. Lots of things will be happening this year but the main ones in my mind are: my son graduating from High School this May and our PCS’ing around August. We don’t know where yet. 

The list comes out on the 9th and I’m eager to get to see what there is to pick from. Hoping for someplace we had already been looking at trying to go. Waiting is annoying, I hate waiting. I want to know so I can research it. Since I will be moving I know I need to sort and purge things. There is many things in my mind that I have already “set aside” to get rid of, they are still sitting in the same place as they always do right now. I do have a plan and I’m picking away at it, even if it is slowly.

Eight months. I have eight months til PCS. It seems forever. I haven’t moved in 5 1/2 years. So many things have changed in that time with how things are taken care of through TMO. UGH I hate moving.

Along with us leaving AZ, my son graduating and heading off to college. We have to take care of what he needs before we leave him behind. We wonder if he is ready for “real life”. On so many levels he is more prepared for things than some people but in other aspects he flounders. I hope he can change some bad habits before we are away and unable to be his safety net. He knows what we expect from him, I hope he listens.

I’m going to do my best at updating my couple of blogs this year. My other blog is for crafting and I decided in my “resolutions” to do something crafty each week. Either make something or just be involved with my crafting items in some way, even if just doing some sorting. I accomplished that yesterday. Bought some photo boxes from Michaels and sorted some things. I even added to the pile of things to get rid of. It is beginning to look more organized and tidy in my craft space.

One other thing on my list for the year is to exercise more, including getting the dogs out for walks. I did that yesterday too. We took them for a short walk around the neighborhood.  We have to slowly work them up to longer distances again because they are out of shape and their pads aren’t used to walking on the concrete. Along with that walk yesterday I will be hitting up the gym and doing my 2 miles there. Only been walking lately due to hurting my toe in my foot in October (I’ll add the story to that later since I failed to when I did it lol).  Walking + braces + jaw problems = lost 9 pounds. I’m going to keep at it. I don’t want to balloon up after braces come off (hopefully later this year)

Lastly on my list I have taken up a 365 picture challenge with some of the ladies here at the base. Granted I’ll be leaving but I really enjoy photography and I want to use my camera more and figure out how to use more of its features. Hubby even suggested maybe taking a class. I might do that after we get to where we are going. Checked my photo for the day off the list too.

Happy New Year everyone, hope it brings amazing things your way.

Lady Blue