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So he is gone off to the sandbox. I refuse to watch the news while he is away so of course I have no idea about ANYTHING going on in the world lol. Since there is a possibility we will move sometime after he comes back I  have begun the process of purging my house of un-needed things. This can be a long process of course but satisfying knowing you have purged “junk”.  So I put some items on our base fb yard sale page and several items sold.  Lets talk about selling stuff online on a Facebook page.  Some people really need to learn how to read and respond. It’s a waste of time to answer questions/posts about things that if the poster had bothered to actually read the posts before theirs they wouldn’t have had to ask the question in the first place. Another thing that irritates me is I try my best to reply to comments about the item or message people wanting to buy something ASAP.  The least you could do is reply back right away and show up when you say you will to get the item.  It is simply rude not to.

Back to sorting, have an excellent day!