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Been a while since my last post. My Mother came out and took care of the kids while I flew out to visit my dad with my sister. The weekend was very emotional and my sister and I got through it. We felt at peace with our choices we made for our father. So I return home that Monday; my sister and I both thinking it would be a while before anything happens with Dad. Two days later she got the call telling her that he had passed away. She called me shortly after to let me know. Boy am I glad my mother was still here. Losing a parent is tough and I feel for everyone who has gone through the same. So I had to turn around and go back up to my father’s home, family in tow to attend the funeral. One problem, hubby isn’t home yet.  He talked with people at the training and he was allowed to go home early, thus making it home in time to turn around and get on another plane a day later. Everything in regards to that went well and my sister and I were pleased.  We still have to deal with his house. And my husband still has to deploy. soon.  I’m a little concerned that after he leaves and it’s just me and the kids, I’ll finally fall apart. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I have never had to deal with the kids over the summer with him away and I fully intend to take advantage of as many “goodies & privileges” offered as I possibly can.

On another note, had my bottom set of braces added on the day after hearing about my father passing. That along with my continued efforts at the gym has resulted in a loss of 9 pounds.  Go me!