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So I got the computer back and it has been working like a charm so far. No complaints there.

Gym time has been going well and each time I go I feel like I am doing better and accomplishing something. Having a friend to go with is so nice, gives you someone to blab at and makes the time go by faster.

The man left earlier this week to go to a pre-deployment training and of course what happens when the man is heading off or has left? That’s right, the shit hits the fan. My father is ill and I have to deal with things alone and doing marathon phone calls with my sister. I’m so glad I have good friends to help me out while my husband is away. Getting a ride to and from the airport and helping get my kids places so they don’t have to miss out on their activities just because I can’t be here and my Mom isn’t familiar with town. I’m also glad to have a mother whose life is flexible and she can come out to help with my kids so I can fly and visit my dad. It’ll be rough that’s for sure.

And so we go on.