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Except when it has a problem.

So my main laptop decided to have an issue last week. I did everything in my “non-professional” power to fix it myself, just wasn’t going to happen. Corrupted OS seems to be the culprit.  I called the manufacturer, and low and behold I got an English speaking person, but it wasn’t their first language.  I was able to understand them though so a frustrating situation didn’t turn into a session of angry object throwing. After speaking with the person and the cost that would be involved (discovered I no longer had a warranty) I called a local computer repair shop I have heard others use and say was good. They were cheaper and I don’t have to mail my computer anywhere. So my poor computer has been there for about a week. There were a couple people ahead of me for service so I don’t know when I will get it back.  I will say it really sucks when you don’t have your favorites list and programs you are used to using.  I did find it a huge stress relief to find out I wouldn’t lose my personal stuff like pictures. Of course now I feel the urge to buy an external hard drive, just in case.