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So I stepped on the scale today out of curiosity and it claimed I lost 2.8 pounds. Well that’s great! Now if only I could lose more. I have no motivation to go to the gym or even just walk.  My husband told me to be like Nike and “Just Do It” easier said than done. I need a battle buddy for working out but it’s so hard to find someone to go with. I think about the people who are around that I could ask to join me and I think about what I saw on fb yesterday. Some ladies I know went out for the night and had some fun. I wasn’t invited. Does it bother me? A little.  I have to wonder if I am just not close enough with these particular women to have been invited. Did they just forget about me entirely? Whenever we see each other at places its always hugs and chatting like good friends. Lady A I have had lunch with before and we talked about needing to have another lunch to chit chat; now she seems to be hooked at the hip with Lady C. Neither one of them invites me out to lunch or to coffee.  I dunno it’s just depressing.