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Complain about what? Well in this case it’s a smoker who likes to leave her butts on the ground. Some may think “what’s the big deal?” Well as an ex smoker I find it disgusting to see cigarette butts on the ground. These aren’t any old butts though. They come from a lady going on her smoke break every day from the base child care building. She strolls over into the housing area nearby, has her break (this part I don’t really care about) then throws her butt on the ground, stomps it out (good no fires right) then LEAVES IT THERE!  I took my dogs out for a short walk after getting their nails trimmed and she is over there having her smoke break like usual. After she left I looked around at how many butts have accumulated (I have seen here do it before). There were literally DOZENS of them! Maybe even a hundred.  NASTY!  Why in the hell do you want to purposefully trash our base. Last time I saw her I took a picture and was going to document her smoking there each time because I thought the manager wouldn’t do anything without proof or whatever. Well you know how hard it is to make sure to stand at your window to watch everyday at a time slot hoping to catch her doing it again? I don’t have that kind of time and the days I did think to watch I didn’t see her. Either she had been already or I was too early. Plus it made me feel stalkerish. Anyway, today just pissed me off so I called the base opp and had them connect me to the facility where a gentleman answered the phone and I asked to speak to the manager. He asked why and I said it was to do with where an employee goes for their smoke break. I was connected and I informed the Manager of my concerns and how it makes me angry to see all the butts on the ground. I also said I would really appreciate it if she came back over and picked up her trash. (you always gotta say what you would like, this is important).

So now I am feeling better for having told the Manager of my concerns. Hubby comes home for gym and I’m telling him what I did. I look out the back door and guess what, SHE IS OUT THERE PICKING HER SHIT UP!!!!!!  woooohoooooooo! (I said this out loud, I bet my husband thinks I am a nutcase) WOW I feel validated that not only was I listened to I witnessed proof of the woman being spoken too and my suggestion of cleaning her crap up was told to her and SHE DID IT!

Goes to show that if you need to complain, you should, because you just may get exactly what you want.

+1 to Lady Blue 🙂