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Um Ew

Ok so I’m one of those people who looks at what others are wearing and think different things about their choices, like wow you shouldn’t wear that or whatever. Some agree with me some don’t. One of my biggest peeves is seeing other people’s bras either hanging out of their clothes or the wrong color for what they are wearing. Goes on the lines of I don’t want to see your friggin underwear/your big floppin boobs/your cottage cheese ass. I have big boobs and a not so attractive ass and I don’t flop them out everywhere to disgust people with.

Am I the only one who thinks this is just ew? It was also showing out the armpit areas because her dress was the wrong size. On top of that the dress was kinda clingy, it was windy out and you could tell she was either not wearing panties at all or had a thong that you couldn’t see the edges of.

Great outfit for a squadron picnic. *sarcasm*