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While I could care less about the game I do enjoy watching the halftime show and the commercials. Was quite a few good commercials this year. I wasn’t too impressed with the Halftime show. I like the Black Eyed Peas but the live performance didn’t impress me. It seemed like some of the mics weren’t working and Fergie sounded like she was just going off doing whatever and made her sound like she need more practice. I hope the rest of their live performances are better than that. I was more impressed with the people doing the “ground art” with the light up outfits.

Air Force life is kinda boring right now, I guess that is a good thing haha.  We had a hard freeze last week and several people in town and on base had frozen pipes and no heat. Thankfully ours wasn’t one affected.

One of the vacated houses on our street has a new occupant. Looks like they might have small children. Haven’t seen them yet, just some of the toys. I’m such a terrible “welcome to the neighborhood” person. I don’t like to go pester people who just moved in.

This week we are having a “meet the commander” gathering at the man’s work. I already know the commander we get along great. I even saw her yesterday at Girl Scout Cookie sales and she came over and gave me a hug. Going to miss her when she goes this summer. Anyway, will be nice to meet some more of the spouses in the squadron.

Keep warm!