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I personally think they are a great idea. Helps you make new friends where it can be difficult. Gets you out of the house to talk with other grown-ups and gives fun activities to participate in. Plus these ladies (and sometimes men) are in the same situation as you are, a loved one attached to the military.  Some of them are split into enlisted and officer. Some are joint and then there are also the ones for the individual squadrons.  You should check them out.

Our base Enlisted Spouses group was supposed to play Bunco last night (I love Bunco by the way). Unfortunately there was only 7 of us at the meeting last night and one had to leave earlier. Kinda makes for a hard game of Bunco. We still had a nice time with conversation about many things, one of which was “Where are all the other spouses?”  This base has enough enlisted spouses that we should have had at least a couple dozen people. I have been in squadron level spouses groups that have had more people at the meetings.  I don’t understand the lack of participation.  We wondered if it was because some may be thinking we should be getting together to go out clubbing. Or perhaps they wanted to bring the children with them (even though there are 2 other groups dedicated to that). The point is, if you have a Spouses group on your base or in your squadron you should go. And if you don’t like whats being offered, AT LEAST give the president or leader of the group some feedback so things can be planned that others may enjoy. Don’t just delete emails or sign up and then never come back without an explanation. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY.