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Wow I’m terrible at keeping things up to date. Anywho, new year so I will attempt to add some stuff here now and then.  Last year ended well, he’s home, new job as a shirt. Lots of fun there even though our group of people seem to keep themself out of trouble most of the time. Hasn’t messed with our life too much.

First annoying thing of the new year……Damn TV seems to have given up on life. I have sound and no picture. He’s been wanting a new TV for a while so I guess he may be happy about that LOL.  Only problem with a new TV is he will want a nice flat screen and that requires a new entertainment center so extra cost there.  And being New Years Day however, I think most places are closed *rolling of the eyes*.

Off to a good start right!

Anyway, I plan to make some resolutions for myself this year and attempt to keep up with them, we shall see how I do.