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The traditional Air Force motto at times. He is in transit to come back home after being gone for seven long months. This time it’s a bit different as he was sent to a not so friendly place. I wonder how he will be when he gets home, if he will be weird, if we will argue, or if it will just be a wonderful return of the man I love. Of course coming home can’t ever be a simple process, he ran in to bad weather at one location which caused a delay. So, I really have no idea when he is supposed to show up. Hurry up and wait right?

On top of the mad dash to tidy up things left til the last-minute there are always the annoying frustrations that crop up. My car needs to go to the shop because it has a warning light on, but I can’t seem to be bothered to go. Terrible of me I know. The computer should have been sent in to have the cdrom drive replaced, but I havent done that either. Somehow I just don’t like the idea of packing up my best computer and mailing it off with tons of my priceless images stored on it, just to worry and wonder if its gonna get lost or fried while they have it.  Now my laptop fan wants to make stupid noises and everything on it is acting slow as hell. What next I wonder.